DIY or How To: Tea Tree Facial Toner

Many of my friends and clients know that I swear by tea tree toner – especially the one by c.Booth!  I went to my local Ulta last week and discovered they no longer carry that brand.  I know that my Rite Aid carries c.Booth but it was so nice to have $3.50 off 2 bottles when I purchased from Ulta.

I could go buy a new brand but why not just make my own toner!  Here’s a quick and simple way to make your own tea tree toner.  The best part is, you can make up to 24 oz. for less than $20.  c.Booth’s Tea Tree Toner is 4 oz. and costs about $8 per bottle.  You do the math.

All ingredients can be found at your local drug store:

  • Witch Hazel – about $2-3
  • Tea Tree Oil (pharmaceutical grade) – mine was $15 (you can find it online at a more affordable price)
  • Distilled Water – $1 per gallon

(3-5 oz. empty travel size bottle can be purchased for less than $3 or you can just disinfect an old bottle you have laying around w/ rubbing alcohol)

Clean and disinfect your empty bottle and begin adding the ingredients in…
The measurements of each ingredients do not have to be exact.
The final product should be about 1/3 Witch Hazel, 1/3 Distilled Water and 15-20 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
You do not want to fill the bottle up to it’s entirety because you’ll need room to shake the solution.

Here you can see the separation of the Tea Tree Oil from the Witch Hazel and Water.

WARNING: the solution will be strong because the oil is pharmaceutical grade; a little goes a long way!  After shaking the ingredients together, take a cotton ball or cotton round to apply the toner on your freshly washed faced.  Stay away from the eyes otherwise it will sting and burn the crap out of them.  I generally like to apply this on my problem areas like my chin and around my nose.  If the homemade toner is too strong for your sensitive skin you can tone it down with more Witch Hazel and Water.  It can also be used to spot treat with a Q-tip.  In addition to the potency, the smell isn’t that great.  My husband says I smell like Windex, lol.  No worries though – the smell eventually fades away!  You don’t have to worry about stinking all day if you want to use this toner in the morning.

If you have ultra sensitive skin, I would suggest running a patch test on your wrist/jaw line and adding less Tea Tree Oil than I suggested.

I hope that you all give this a try.  Cheers! to our journey in finding the right balance in skin care.


Joo and Peanut-head


  1. michellaboo says:

    whattt!! ulta doesn’t sell it anymore. im halfway done w/ my bottle…ill try it then. cool!

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